Superfly Fit – Group Cardio Training

Want to try functional fitness but find heavy weights slightly intimidating? We have the perfect program for you!

Superfly Fit will incorporate a mixture of base CrossFit movements as well as a variety of bodyweight calisthenics performed in intervals.  With an emphasis on core strength, flexibility, and stability this group cardio class will help to keep every individual performing at their best. Whether your goal is to run a marathon, podium at a mud run or to just get up and out of the house, Superfly Fit is for you. 

Group Cardio Training Mason, Ohio
Group Cardio Training Mason, Ohio
Group Cardio Training, Mason Ohio




Single Class: $20

2x Per Week: $90 per month

Unlimited Classes: $150 per month

Unlimited Superfly Fit members who have completed On Ramps may also attend our CrossFit classes. See a coach about scheduling your On Ramp if interested.