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Our goal is simple, to help you reach your potential. Whether that’s lifting an enormous amount of weight, finishing a mud run, or just looking and feeling better about yourself, we’re here to help. We started this gym to help people like you reach goals that they never thought possible. While cardio and strength are fundamental to everything we offer, we also want you to increase your stability, flexibility, and mental toughness. Fitness Training at CrossFit Superfly should bring positive results to every part of your life. Our athletes give it there all at the gym so they can perform better at work and home.


Our members come to us with different goals and different starting points, so we offer several programs to meet their needs.
CrossFit Community Based Fitness Training
Functional Fitness


CrossFit is a fitness training program designed to make you a better human being. The core competencies we train for are Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. We use a combination of Powerlifting, Olympic Weight Lifting, Gymnastics, and Endurance sports to help you reach your fitness goals. The beauty of CrossFit is that it is always interesting, produces measurable results, and will always challenge you. While CrossFit is an outstanding way to lose weight, it is way more than a strategy to look better. Joining Crossfit Superfly is like becoming part of a family. Our classes are community oriented and many of our members have formed life long friendships sweating alongside one another.
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Group based cardio training


Depending on your goals, more cardio based interval training may be the appropriate strategy for you. We developed Superfly Fit to meet the needs of our athletes who want to improve their cardiovascular endurance, core strength, flexibility, and stability. If heavy weight lifting is not your thing but you still want to try functional fitness, Superfly Fit is for you. Learn more here.
Personal Trainer Shane Noteboom
Taking You To The Next Level


If you have really specific goals that require a more personalized approach to your training we offer one-on-one personal training. Coach Shane Noteboom has extensive experience helping athletes excel in their sports and hobbies while helping them prevent injuries. Learn more here.

Our Story

Crossfit Superfly began with a group of friends training together in a 2-car garage with a tree stump and a couple of space heaters. As we evolved into a full-fledged gym our original intent remains, to improve people’s lives through fitness.  We use the Crossfit methodology (constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity) to help people become better at life. Our goal is to train people to become better moms, dads, friends, employees, students, and ultimately athletes.  With a community oriented and competitive atmosphere, we want to help you become stronger, faster, and ultimately healthier through our group fitness training.

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